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Short stories of our DANFE girls Part I

Short stories of our DANFE girls Part I


I come from Sindhuli district and I have 7 family members. My father used to look after us, but after earthquake it was hard for us to feed ourselves. Since I have started working it has become much easier for my family financially. I make sure my brother gets the right education and my family has enough food to eat every day. I really love working here, now I’ve started grasping more knowledge and techniques of tailoring. I enjoy stitching clothes, and I have improved a lot since the starting phase. It’s not just stitching but what I have learned so far from all the people who surrounds me. SAATH has given me an opportunity to stand on my feet and I know it’s just the beginning but I have become a lot more confident than I was before.


My name is Pavitra Pyakurel and I come from Kavre, Fulbari. SAATH has provided me an opportunity to have a secured livelihood. I live with my elder sister in Baneshwor and I have 5 family members staying at my hometown, Kavre. After earthquake my home was gone, it was very difficult for us to have a normal lifestyle after that. We used to live in a tent but now we’re slowly trying to build a house for ourselves. It has become much easier for me and my sister to live here at Kathmandu after I started working here at SAATH. Now my parents don’t have to worry about our daily nutrition, from my income I manage our accommodation and my parents are happily relieved to have to support my sister for her further studies. The training I received here has really changed my life in many ways, I feel that now things have more clarity and that even if any hardship falls my way I can deal with a lot more assurance.


There are 8 family members in my house, I am married and I have one child. I got the opportunity to work here and I acquire so many things every day, I’ve been learning to make designer dresses as well, it’s quite exciting! This opportunity has made my life at ease, 2 years ago it was quite difficult for me to have a sustainable earning but now my family supports me to work and they also look after my child while I’m at work which I take it as a blessing for myself and my family. So I would like to thank SAATH from the bottom of my heart for establishing such a project where girls like me are getting this chance to do something and make our lives convenient.

Contributed by Ayeesha Joshi

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