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Youth Based Projects

Our Youth Based Projects

Our youth based programs motivates and create a platform to foster youth leadership to ensure positive and innovative actions to protect and promote the rights of marginalized and underprivileged youth focusing on the issues related to Youth. Most of our youth related programs promote the concept of Youth-to-Youth advocacy and awareness to bring about change in the issue.
For the last 10 years SAATH with partnership with various national and international organizations has designed and implemented projects related to HIV and AIDS, Drug Use and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).

Dialogue, Debate and Discussion (3D) for youth leadership

3D for Youth leadership was organized by SAATH in partnership with United Nations Alliance for civilization (UNAOC), Youth Solidarity Fund 2015. The project was carried out in six districts of Nepal reaching out to 180 local youth from each districts. The program focused on sensitizing the youth on social issues through Dialogue, Debate and Discussion thereby encouraging them to work for the prevention of social problems by bringing about positive innate behavioral change.

Youth Led Campaign

Youth led Campaign against Drug Use is an awareness campaign that delivers positive message to young crowd and prompt them to stay away from Drugs. This is a campaign to unite youths in the fight against Drugs and spread the message to STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. The campaigners have already visit 75 schools and communities in Kathmandu and outside Kathmandu Valley. The program has been supported by UNODC.

Positive Living Campaign

Positive Living Campaign (PLC) is an awareness program informing youth about HIV and AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). The main emphasis in on eliminating the stigma and discrimination attached to HIV and AIDS and SRHR issues. PLC is trying to voice for the rights of People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) as well as spreading a positive message and advocating social change to create a stigma free society regarding HIV/AIDS and SRHR.

The Human Face

The Human Face is a media advocacy program on various social issues. THF focus on the policy of those issues that have been continuing to affect the social life of the general public and tend to bring out the actual scenario of it. The project ran a radio program in different national radio for over 4 years and focused on raising the voices of people and the vulnerable groups who have remained unremarked, unheard and unnoticed. The project was supported by MTV Staying Alive Foundation.