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We stand for what we believe in. In Nepali SAATH means “Support” & “Togetherness”.

The idea of SAATH started when eleven students with educational background in social work started a small project to support women and children living with HIV & AIDS. The success of the project motivated these students to continue working for social change. The group continued to work in different fields as a voluntary-based organization with youth-based projects in issues related to marginalized communities. This has included issues related to HIV and AIDS, Drug Use, Child Rights, LGBTI and elderly.

From 2012, SAATH took the next step. We then decided to direct our focus on education, socialization, capacity building and livelihood  of girls and children who belong to marginalized communities. In addition, our approach of working also includes creating awareness & advocacy through different projects and activities.


SAATH is officially registered at Kathmandu District Administration office (DAO reg: 37) & Social welfare council (SWC reg: 2271).

SAATH works together with different individuals, groups and organisations in order to provide necessary support for needy people and marginalized communities.