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With our different strategies, approaches and activities we reach out to diverse target groups especially the needy and marginalized children and girls. In order to support them in different capacity, we have established various funds that will help us continue what we do. YOU can help us in this process!!


Through our program Hakuna Matata we are reaching out to children from marginalized communities. We try to connect each child with individual, organizations, institutions, corporate sectors and also people living abroad. At present SAATH has been supporting 30 children who are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. Along with education SAATH has also initiated a holistic approach towards these children to improve their quality of life.

Hakuna Matata Endowment Fund

Hakuna Matata Endowment Fund is a sustainable concept of supporting a child for long term. Our approach here is of using SAME fund for many years. The fund that YOU contribute will never be used. It will be deposited into a fixed account and ONLY the interest derived from the fund will be used to support children for a long time.
Currently through our program Hakuna Matata, we are supporting 10 kids with Hakuna Matata Endowment Fund.


Sponsor a Danfe Girl

With our program Danfe, we aim to provide safe working environment to earthquake affected girls (who are in most vulnerable situation). After proper need assessments we select girls who are in need of employment opportunities. We have been providing them with training on tailoring and they also gets to learn different life skills through our informal education classes that they attend every week.

Currently, we have been supporting 5 girls. But we aim to reach out to more girls in need.