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We provide monthly education scholarship that covers tuition fees, stationary, school bags and other educational materials.


We do capacity building workshop for the betterment of our kids.


We involve the kids in different activities that will help them in the overall socialization process.







We all dream, some dream big, some dream small, but yes we all certainly do dream. How about dreaming of a place where there are ‘no worries’? Definitely bit challenging, but not impossible. Here at SAATH, we are trying to make that attempt through our program “Hakuna Matata”.


Hakuna Matata (which means ‘no worries’ in Swahili) is designed to ensure capacity building and holistic development of marginalized children. Through this program we intend to bring all like-minded people together to support these wonderful children attain education as well as help their overall development. The priority is given to the children infected and affected by HIV & AIDS; children affected by conflict, children with special needs, children from poor economic background, marginalized girls and orphans.

Currently, through Hakuna Matata, we are supporting 40 kids infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. With more support coming in we aim to support more kids from marginalized communities. 


Games, fun and joy were in the foreground during these two days. Our Motto: Let’s change our minds and experience something new together! After a short round of introduction of all participants, we played some warm-up games, which demanded a lot from some youngsters. All......

On Friday, 15 December 2017, I had my fourth home visit within the framework of the Hakuna Matata project at SAATH. Accompanied by my colleague, Ms. Ayeesha Joshi, I had the great pleasure to meet an incredible woman and her daughter. I became witness to......

Her eyes were watery as she tells her daughter to sit alongside her. She offered us water and consoled us everything was fine with her life. I asked her again, “How are things going on?” With a faded smile she replied, “If I see things,......