hakuna matata

A wonderful phrase, but for us, it’s a commitment to a problem-free philosophy rooted in literacy and accessible education. We always knew it must be programmatic, properly resourced, reach the needy and have clear indicators for success in both implementation and outcomes.

“Hakuna Matata” is a celebration of childhood, a transformative journey that instills hope and belief that every child can dream without worries.

We extend financial aid by establishing savings accounts for underprivileged children. An annual deposit, complemented by accruing interest, builds over five years. Upon maturity, this sum is entrusted to parents, ensuring a promising foundation for the child’s future education.

Beyond financial support, Hakuna Matata aims to celebrate childhood, nurturing well-rounded individuals. To achieve this, we offer soft skill training in crucial areas like public speaking, providing leadership development training to the young leaders, social relationships, critical thinking and career development aids. Monthly workshops and yearly boot camps accompanied by recreational activities, further enhancing those skills, shaping resilient individuals ready to dream and make it a reality without worries.

a circle of giving


direct project participants

Through targeted outreach efforts and planned program design, we directly engaged over 270 participants in capacity-building programs — focused on nurturing well-rounded individuals through soft skill training.


Indirect Project Participants

Complementing our capacity development efforts, we established savings accounts for underprivileged children, providing financial aid for their education. Over the years, this initiative impacted not only the direct participants but also indirectly reached 2400+ individuals, amplifying the program’s impact within communities.


localities served

We reached more than three marginalized communities, where the individuals part of the program benefited through our capacity building, financial support and career guidance programs. We believe our initiative helped the participants to start their journey to follow and achieve their dream.

running projects

HAKUNA MATATA - Capacity building

A 5 year long capacity building program focused on Soft Skills development for children aged 10-18. Every year the children learn a set of skills over hands-on workshop, bootcamp and recreational camp. At the end of every year we also set up a pooled fund to support the education of the children. Public Speaking, leadership, social skills, higher order of thinking skills, and career preparation skills are the 5 key skills delivered during the 5 year engagement with the program.

Project PARAHU

Project Parahu initiated in 2020 to support children aged 5-16 from the Musahar communities of Dhanushadham. The project supports the educational needs of children coming to a learning center based in their own community. Stationery drive, teacher’s training and remuneration, sports and recreational classes, and computer literacy are some of the areas covered by the project.

past projects

HAKUNA MATATA - Where Kids Can Be Kids

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