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Fueled by the promise to nurture aspirations and turn them into realities, SAATH has become a collective journey.

What once seemed a mere dream shared among eleven social work students in 2004, has since evolved into an inspiring narrative of hope and transformation. Together, we embarked on a humble endeavor, dedicated to uplifting the women and children of marginalized communities. Little did we know the profound ripple effect that would cause, echoing through the corridors of time.

Was it fate guiding our steps towards purpose? Undoubtedly so.

In 2006, amidst the synergy of our collective endeavor, a new dawn emerged, and SAATH was officially engraved.

Today, SAATH stands as a testament to the power of unity, where hands entwine and hearts intertwine in a symphony of genuine transformation. It is a story etched with the shared experiences and triumphs of the very communities we strive to empower.

In this journey, every victory, every milestone is a mark to the determined human spirit and the boundless potential of collective action. As we continue to inscribe the chapters of our story, we remain steadfast in our commitment to uplift, inspire, and ignite hope in the hearts of those we are connected to.

our mission

We are on a mission of empowering women and youths through entrepreneurial and community-driven skills development.

We are driven by a mission, a mission to unlock the untapped potential of marginalized communities, fostering empowerment among women, girls, and youths through a paradigm of entrepreneurial and community-driven skills development.

We envision a society where every individual has equal access to opportunities and is able to excercise their rights.

By 2025, SAATH aims to have a direct and deep impact on two right holders from ethnic minorities by building active communities in specific areas – Bagmati, Madhesh, and Sudurpaschim province.

our core values


We are committed to lasting impact, investing in long-term projects and cultivating financially sustainable models to ensure the longevity of our interventions, empowering communities for generations to come.


We integrate community-led skills and leverage technology to diversify our interventions, fostering creative solutions to tackle complex challenges head-on.


Empowering independence is the heart of what we do. We advocate and encourage self-reliance among our participants and stakeholders, fostering ownership and creating supportive structures for socio-economic independence.


Our initiatives stretch beyond the surface delving deep into the needs of marginalized communities and ensuring long-term self-sufficiency.

Our initiatives stretch beyond the surface delving deep into the needs of marginalized communities and ensuring long-term self-sufficiency. Our journey is defined by the lives we touch and the stories we help inspire.

Through our awareness, leadership and advocacy programs, we have directly reached over 2500 direct project participants and rights holders, with an incredible 12,500 more indirectly benefiting – impacting entire households (counting per household with an average family member of 5).

Our Hakuna Matata Program has made a meaningful difference in the lives of 266 direct participants, all children, while extending support to 1,330 more indirectly, ensuring every child, regardless of circumstance, receives the care and opportunity they deserve.

With Awasar, we have empowered 439 direct beneficiaries, while our reach extends to 4195 more through indirect engagement, fostering growth and empowerment among women and adolescent girls in rural communities across Nepal.

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