The walls of homes in these marginalized communities stand as silent witnesses to the struggles and dreams of its people. So, SAATH initiates a narrative of change, “Awasar”, which translates to “Opportunities.”

Through Awasar, SAATH is creating a space for disadvantaged women and girls to write their own destinies through skill building programs that span across six months, a year, or even multiple years.

Yet, Awasar extends beyond these sessions, branching into various projects and the transformative social enterprise, “Danfe Works Enterprises Nepal.” Together, we form a collective force, crafting a sustainable social and economic impact on the lives of those in need.

Today, Awasar echoes as the beacon of change where dreams, once confined, take flight challenging and exploring the boundless potential residing within each individual and community as a whole.

opportunity for change


Direct Project Participants

Capacity development through market based skill training

We have facilitated engaging and market-oriented skill training programs. Through strategic partnerships and community outreach efforts, beneficiaries actively participated in these programs, igniting a wave of progress throughout the community.


inDirect Project Participants

Empowering future through business and financial skills

Our weekly sessions evolved into empowering sessions focused on business management, financial literacy, and fostering entrepreneurship. Through these sessions, communities have been indirectly impacted, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our direct participants.


communities reached

Socio-economic empowerment through women’s collective for self-reliance

We foster a sense of collective strength among women, empowering them to achieve self-reliance and socio-economic empowerment. As a result, our initiative has extended across 15+ localities, demonstrating the far-reaching impact of our community-wide approach.

running projects

Social and Economic Strengthening of People with Vulnerabilities (2024 - 2028)

This project is generously supported by ONGD FNEL from Luxembourg, is a visionary endeavor spanning from 2024 – 28. It is a collective effort aimed at empowering individuals who have too often been marginalized in society, creating pathways to a fulfilling and opportune future for them to thrive independently. 

Acknowledging the interplay between social and economic dimensions, this initiative seeks to address both aspects comprehensively by nurturing individual social and economic well-being in tandem, fostering a sense of dignity, agency, and self-determination among all participants.  

Thus, our project is designed with a dual focus – Social Aspect and Economic Aspect. 

Acknowledging the cruciality of promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) within communities, social aspect focuses on community-based advocates, individuals are sensitized and trained on SRHR issues, fostering open dialogue and ensuring access to essential sexual and reproductive health & hygiene products among the participants.

SESPV’s economic aspect aims to pave the way towards economic independence and prosperity for marginalized communities through advanced level training in tailoring, embroidery, and knitting. These skills enable them to craft market-based products, hence secure regular and increased income opportunities. 

In addition, this project fosters a vision of sustained economic stability, thus, offers ongoing opportunities to join the Producers Group and access continuous employment with reputable enterprises in Kathmandu.

past projects

A Livelihood Project for Marginalized girls affected post-earthquake

Reflecting on our past projects, we have nurtured youth and empowered marginalized women and adolescent girls.

We concluded a market-based advanced-level training in support of Canada Fund for Local Initiative in 2024 in Dhanusha district of Nepal. A total fo 45 women and adolescent girls from Musahar communities received facilitation on Life Skills, Business Management, Team building in addition to the economic activities which was at the core of the project.

Our partnership with ONGD-FNEL empowered women through tailoring and Mithila art beginning in 2019 in the Madhesh province of Nepal. For 5 years we worked with 115 women and girls from Musahar communities to support their socio-economic needs. End of 2023, we provided Basic Level Training to 115 women and Advanced Level to 40 enabling income generation and social support.

Similarly, Caritas Canada (2016-18) and Caritas Spain (2019-20) helped bring hope to earthquake-affected communities through our project Danfe “A Livelihood Project for Marginalized girls affected post-earthquake.” The support initiated right after we completed a pilot project from the funds we collected during the earthquake from the supporters of SAATH.

In 2021 and 2023, Irish Aid became partners to our impact with projects Sakshyam and Connect through On the Job Training opportunity and market linkage activities with the women and girls from Sindhupalchowk and Dhanusha districts of Nepal.

We received a grant award from GFFJ in 2021 to promote business management and financial literacy skills for 40 women from Dhanusha district. Through the grant, we were able to provide a TOT to our in-house staff members to support their capacities and to support the training on ground.

Together, with our partners and sponsors, we have sparked important discussions and ushered tangible change, united by a shared vision of empowerment.

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