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Their words; their story: PAWITRA TAMANG

Their words; their story: PAWITRA TAMANG

Pawitra Tamang,



You seldom think of the void when people you love are gone. But when it happens it is very difficult to accept. But life gives you choice to keep the fond memories of your loved ones and move along. I lost my grandfather in the earthquake. He meant so much to my family and me.


Having to live in the temporary shelter was not the best days of my life. It was a difficult time. And on top of that my mother who is almost 65 years of age is always sick. She cannot work. We have to entirely depend on agriculture to manage our day-to-day living. When I first heard about the training initially my parents were reluctant to send me. But it was my brother who helped me convince them.


I dropped out of school in my second grade so it was very difficult for me to picture my life. With no education and no skill on hand, I thought I would not be able to do anything in my life. But coming to this training has opened door to so many possibilities. Now I can actually picture myself being someone and doing something in life.


First time I came for the training, I thought I would not be able to stay longer. With no education background or any stitching skill, I thought I would fail miserably. And in addition to that, I was too shy. I could not communicate much with anyone. Many times I cried and I wished I could return to my home. But my trainer encouraged me and said it was ok to feel this way. What was important was to push myself a little further. And today when I look back I know I made the right decision to stay back and challenge myself.


Slowly I made friends and I became more comfortable. I know I am a slow learner, but now I know that it should never be an issue. Important thing is to keep going no matter what. Now that I have a skill on hand I feel very comfortable realizing what I can do with my life. I am all set to go back to my village and use my skill. I want to continue helping my family in household chores, farming and at the same time start working as a tailor in my own community.


It was after receiving the training I realized that sometimes it is important to feel accomplished with a skill to keep going. Today I have something to look forward to, today I have a clear vision of what I want to do with my life, today I am confident and I am eager to move forward.


Compiled by Kritishma Karki (Executive Director)

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