Awasar Women’s Collective (AWC) is an initiative of SAATH to form collaborative supportive spaces for the  women and girls from Mushara Community in Dhanushadham, Janakpur. The group members come together in this process to speak their hearts and minds in a private space to embark on a personal path of self-discovery and build a strong network of support. The Collective as a safe space will nurture the emotional, social, and economic well-being of women and girls of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in Nepal. The members will learn and grow together in the process of group formation to establish a strong nexus with each other, and practice mindfulness of the shared as well as diverse stories of struggle. This community of women will bring together people around a common goal of self-reliance and socio-economic empowerment.

Till this date, the committee has held two meetings, the first round of meeting was to form the collective and the second round of meeting was held with an agenda to form the Executive Committee in the presence of 16 members.

The Executive Committee was formed with 7 members and the members were elected through a voting system in the presence of AWC members. Lalita Mahara is elected as a President, Sulekha Sada as Vice president, Rekha Sada as Secretary, and Ranju Sada, Amrika Sada, Samjhana Das, and Sangita Sada as the members of Executive Committee. The newly formed executive committee will take the legacy of AWC froward and works toward attaining an ultimate goal of committee, i.e. Uplifting Women.