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Their words; their story: Sumitra Thakuri

Their words; their story: Sumitra Thakuri

Sumitra Thakuri


We value our loved ones. But sometimes in the rush wind of life, we forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. The earthquake, which holds a vivid memory in my life, taught me to treasure moments and people as much as I can. I lost my own little sister. And all we have left is her memory and it gives me more pain even to this day. She was our darling angel. She was too young to be taken away. But yes this is life and things happen. Even my sister in law was deeply wounded; she has finally started to walk. My mother was also hurt very bad.

Many times I try to forget what happened but life is cruel, it does not let you erase everything. I have to live with it. So when the opportunity for the training knocked at my door, I thought this was what I was waiting for. I said to myself this might be the turning point in my life. I did not want to let go off this opportunity. And I feel lucky to be chosen for this out of so many other girls.

That was one time when I made the choice for nobody else but me. I wanted to gain my independence and become someone, something. And today when I stand here, I made the right choice. Kathmandu was not very far from my place of origin. It roughly takes around 4-5 hours. But the thought of having to leave behind your family for this length of time was little difficult. But it was a challenge for me when you want to pursue your dreams you let go off your comfort and step on forward.

The training has come to an end. I feel my teachers have taught me well. I am ready to go back to my family. I am very eager to start working. Initially, I will work in a tailor shop and eventually I will start a small business on my own. I feel confident that I can make my own living.

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