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Same same, but different: II

Same same, but different: II

On Tuesday, 31st October 2017, I had my second house visit within the framework of the Hakuna Matata project at SAATH. Travelling by bus was already an adventure for me. After one hour, we had reached our destination. Also this time, we were picked up by our host from the bus stand. On the way to the accommodation, a lot of interesting and useful information about the neighborhood were provided to us. When we arrived at our client’s property we were, again, warmly welcomed. For the second time, I was allowed to accompany my colleague Mrs. Ayeesha Joshi. Also this time, I prepared some questions for the conversation and, again, I was thought there a better one: The entire conversation was defined by our client’s concerns – improvisation has to be learned.


Again, I was surprised by the hospitality and openness during the conversation. At the beginning, our client was still a bit shy but after a while, we had a lively discussion. Not only I asked questions, but I was also asked some questions. That is how it went back and forth for a while. Since it was already late, we had to say goodbye a bit earlier than expected. Our host is already looking forward to the coming winter camp to teach me traditional Nepalese dancing, which is one of her greatest passions. We will see if I am a good student and continue learning lessons Nepal and its people are teaching me. Stay tuned!

Words compiled by Marika Riep.


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