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Inspiration for spring/summer collection 2017

Inspiration for spring/summer collection 2017

For the last collection, I went a little overboard with the silhouettes. I focused more on what clothes a public figure like Neha Banu opts for her daily routine. I wanted to design a line based on that concept; One look for one occasion, one for college student she is, one for a family gathering, one for the go-sees,  one for the red carpet etc.


Talking about the new collection as I’ve mentioned earlier, I want to incorporate the learnings of the beneficiaries in the production. So yeah, for this collection there’ll be some embroidered details.

Keeping up with the trends some major attention to the sleeves, some colours and nice prints. Our clients are very versatile; so the knitted tassel braid belt for the ease and also to cinch the waist to give that feminine appeal.


For the bags, we’re sticking to our roots and the process the girls have mastered by now, I’ve given a slight shift to the DANFE tote bags.

Similarly with the kimono inspired outer as well, the same basic concept with a little change in the draft.


Keeping all that in mind, the designs are still very simple and basic as we’re not doing couture this season we don’t want the dresses to be too expensive. Overall, the spring summer collection is designed with simple but detailed basics.


Written by Manis Joshi.

Complied by Ayeesha Joshi

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