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Gearing up For: Hakuna Matata Winter Camp IV

Gearing up For: Hakuna Matata Winter Camp IV


Very energetic throughout the day and he is just 10 years old! We call him “The Power House”, every time we meet him, he will never get tired of having fun at Hakuna Matata CAMPS! When he is at our Hakuna Matata camp, he has such a cute giggle on his face every day!  He studies in grade 1 and he loves playing karate with his friends. Every time we meet, he and his father get all curious and starts asking, “When will our camp starts?” or “where is our camp is located this time?”

It is so amazing to see them and when you talk with them, you’ll see how fun loving they are. With all the anticipation from our kids towards the camps we conduct, we really feel that our camp does create a positive outlook towards their life. 

Like this story, we have 39 more stories about each child who always have a grin on their face when they hear about our Hakuna Matata Camps.

This December, SAATH has geared up to organize a 3-day long camp on the outskirt of Kathmandu. This year the Winter Camp is organized for the Hakuna Matata kids and their families, and the sole purpose of this camp is to bring fun, love, and togetherness.

“To be independent of others” – this is fundamental for all families of Hakuna Matata. But without your help it is impossible!

Please feel free to share provided fund raiser ling on your social media platforms. This will help our cause immensely.

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